Charlotte & Renee's Story

In January, 2008, we were contacted by our German Search Angel, Ilona to assist her in finding a birth father for a woman still living in Germany.

The woman was Renee and she had been searching for her biological father for over 24 years. Renee’s mother was a young German woman living in Germany, post WWII. She met and fell in love with a young American military man. After the birth of their baby, the young American father was returned to the US to finish his tour of duty. He left baby Renee and her mother in Germany. For several years, the young father’s family provided financial support to Renee’s mother, but soon there was no further support or contact by Renee’s father or his family.

Renee had some papers and information regarding her biological father and his family in the U.S. She also had a picture of her as a young baby with her mother and the man believed to be her biological father. Search Angel, Ilona had found information for a man whom she believed was Renee’ father living in Florida, however during various inquiries Ilona was told that he denied he was Renee’s father and denied that he had even been Germany as a young man in the military. Ilona was sure this was the right man, but needed to have some proof for Renee. She forwarded us the information she had obtained.

With Ilona and Renee’s information in hand, we conducted additional searches and found a woman we believed to be this man’s x-wife. We made direct contact with this woman. Of course, at first she was reluctant to provide any information, however after explaining our position, she confirmed that she was previously married to the man in Florida and now divorced. She further confirmed that she was aware that this man was in the military and stationed in Germany and that he had fathered a child while stationed in Germany. She stated that this man has been married on several other occasions, having a baby girl with the woman he was first married in the US and another child with his wife from his current marriage. She knew that he was now denying that he was Renee’s father and she provided additional information that we were able to confirm that this was the man believed to be Renee’s biological father. We then searched and found his first wife, Molly who was currently living in Arizona. Molly was delightful and also confirmed her knowledge of the baby born in Germany. She further indicated that they had a daughter, Charlotte who is now grown with children of her own. Molly said when Charlotte was a teenager she had also become aware of her half sister in Germany. Molly gave us Charlotte’s information where she was living in Florida. We spoke with Charlotte and she told the story of her childhood, when she found a secret box in the attic after her paternal grandmother’s death and she confronted her father and he became angry and forbid her to ever discuss it again. Charlotte explained that she always longed for her sister and even named her horse after her sister. Charlotte further divulged that her father and his current wife also have a young daughter.

Renee was united with her half sister, Charlotte via email and subsequently, Renee and her husband came to the U.S. to meet Charlotte and her family. Their father continues to be estranged from Renee and now estranged from his daughter, Charlotte.

Renee has now made two trips to Florida to be with her sister. They communicate almost daily. Their love for each other and their families is amazing and inspiring.

Renee says " she can't believe that this wonderful story is her and Charlotte's story"

Charlotte says "she hopes their story will encourage others to seek out the people in their lives they don't know yet but will forever be changed for the better when they do... I love my sister and would never want anyone to miss out on this amazing feeling I now have with her in my life..."

and this is why we continue to do what we do...

Thursday, August 13, 2009 at 6:47pm

Renee, Charlotte and their family
Renee and Charlotte looking at pictures

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