Dave's Story

In September, 2007, after the news of finding Shadow’s birth mother was shared with our circle of friends, we got a request from Harley friends Don and Lisa who live in Northern California to help Don’s brother in law, Dave on his quest to find his birth family. Dave had recently been going through his adoptive mother’s papers and found the names of his birth mother and father. He wanted to know the circumstances of his birth, his adoption and any siblings. He sent us the names of the alleged birth parents and information about his birth in Ontario, California. At this time, we were extremely busy with the other aspects of our business and with plans for a trip to the motorcycle rally in Reno in just a few weeks, we told Dave we would look at his case after our return from Reno. Our plans for our motorcycle trip to Reno included meeting up in Tahoe with our friends Don and Lisa and Don’s sister Donna and brother in law, Dave who live in Grass Valley. We told Dave that we would talk more about his quest when we met in Tahoe.

During the week before our departure for Reno, God placed on my heart the burden to begin Dave’s search. After a day or two, we finally listened and ran the first search and almost 250 records were found. With that, we again felt we would have to put this search off till we returned, but again God guided us to one of the records of a woman with the same last name in New Mexico and a history of residence in Ontario, California. We searched and found the phone number of this woman and made contact with this woman. Indeed, she was related, she was the widower of the man identified as the birth father. She indicated that Dave’s birth mother was deceased as well, however she stated that there were two half siblings, one of which was a sister in San Diego. We then got information for Dave’s sister, Charise and made the first contact. Charise was aware of Dave’s birth and adoption, but had no idea where to search. She also indicated that Dave’s mother never wanted to give him up and thought about him always. We talked several times over the next few and it was agreed that we would wait till we met Dave in person and give him the news.

We met up with our friends, Don and Lisa and they introduced us to Dave and Donna at a Starbucks in Tahoe. At this time, Shadow began to share his story about finding his birth mother and Dave began to share his desire to find his birth family and his heritage. Unbeknownst to Dave while he was talking, we called his sister Charise on the cell phone and handed Dave the phone. With a perplexed look on his face he wondered who could be on the line, he then had his first words with his birth sister, Charise. He was able to find out that he had nieces and nephews and also had a brother in Texas.

Dave subsequently met his sister, Charise before she passed away in early 2008.
Tuesday, July 21, 2009 at 11:53am

Dave, Donna, Kristen, Shannon, Bill's Wife and Bill. (Bill is Dave's birth brother)

Shadow, Dave and his girls, Jayme, Kristen and Shannon

Shadow and Dave in Kauai

Shadow, Diane and Dave leaving for Harley-Davidson 105th in Milwaukee

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