Harold, Marlene, Charles, Elona and Johanna's Story

In October, 2009 we reunited birth siblings Charles and Marlene (adopted together) who live in Colorado with their birth sister, Elona who lives in Oklahoma. They were all born in Germany and adopted by American Military families as babies and young children. Elona had also just recently connected with another birth sister, Johanna who still lives in Germany. They just had one more missing piece, a birth brother Harold and German Search Angel, Ilona had found that Harold lived in Florida.

We came to Florida yesterday and learned that Harold had been hit by a car about 3 months ago and was still recovering in a convalescent hospital near Orlando. Initially, Harold was not expected to live, then not expected to walk again, he is now walking and expected to fully recover in a few months. Today we went to the hospital and surprised Harold with the news that his birth siblings were looking for him, siblings he didn’t know he had. While he had always been told he was adopted, he only knew of one possible sibling, but had no information about her whereabouts. Harold’s parents, Jane and Robert are awesome and fully support Harold’s reunion with his siblings, they are truly parents they didn’t have to be as Harold also suffered from the effects of polio as a child.

We are so blessed to have been part of this reunion and to have personally met Harold. He is truly a genuine spirit, warm, friendly and incredibly funny. When Shadow first walked into the room Harold thought he was like Dog the Bounty Hunter and that he was coming to take him away. We all laughed so hard we almost cried, again!

Merry Christmas Harold, Marlene, Elona, Charles and Johanna, may God bless your whole family!

See video clip of Harold from today.

Birth Sisters, Elona and Marlene reunite in Oklahoma in October, 2009

Birth Sister, Johanna and her family, living in Germany

Birth Mother, Sieglinde

Finding Harold Hanshaw birth brother to Elona, Marlene, Johanna and Charles

Harold and Diane looking over the papers
Shadow, Harold and Diane

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