Lisa's Story

It was early December 1995, 32 year old Lisa H. came to us with a desire to find a woman who would be a grown adult at this time, her name was Laura. Laura was brought to Lisa’s home in the mid 1970’s as a foster child. Laura was a vital part of Lisa’s family for several years and Lisa considered Laura a sister along with her other biological siblings. Unfortunately, Lisa’s parents separated and eventually divorced and Laura was not allowed to stay with Lisa’s family and she was placed back in the system. It had now been over 15 years and Lisa wanted to reconnect with Laura.

With the holidays approaching, our search took on a sense of urgency. We began our search utilizing the vital statistics for Laura that Lisa remembered and we were immediately able to locate some preliminary records regarding Laura. We continued our search and just before Christmas Day, 1995 we found that Laura had been killed in a senseless act of violence at the age of 20. It would be our grim responsibility to give Lisa the news that her holiday reunion would not come to pass. The information was of course met with sadness and despair, but Lisa was now able to have closure with the knowledge and move on with her life.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009 at 2:12pm

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