Mary & Steve's Story

My husband, Shadow and I ride Harleys and we belong to local HOG (Harley Owners Group) chapters in San Marcos and Temecula. Our business is private investigations and our passion and ministry is finding family, friends and loved ones for those who have been separated by circumstances of adoption, divorce, etc.

Birds of Feather… We just finished a beautiful ride with our HOG chapter out around Coronado in San Diego and stopped for lunch. We decided to sit at one of the tables assigned for our group where we did not know anyone. We struck up a conversation with another couple, Mary and Steve who each ride their own Harley. Not only did we have the love of Harleys in common, we learned that we lived close by, that they used to live on a ranch in Norco and like us, involved with horses, prior to their Harleys. Mary’s brother was an investigator and she too is very involved in researching and documenting family history through genealogy and currently finding quite a few of her own husband’s lost family members. They were getting ready to travel to Colorado to meet their newly found family members and we were getting ready to travel to Milwaukee for the Harley 105th Anniversary and to try to reunite a German man with his half siblings living in Chicago. Boy did we feel we had a connection of seismic proportions, these birds do flock together.

In the next few months, after their ride to Colorado for the family reunion and our ride back to Milwaukee for the 105th, we continued to meet up for rides with our new friends, Steve and Mary. After one particular ride, through Steve and Mary’s old horse neighborhood of Norco, we mentioned the names of some friends, J and Peggy who live in the horse community of Norco and are very involved with horses. Mary thought their last name sounded familiar but couldn’t place it for sure and thought they must have met during their involvement with horses when they lived in Norco quite a few years ago. We shared with Steve and Mary the good news of J and Peggy’s recent adoption of a baby and the connection we had with J’s parents, Jim and Leilani. We made plans for breakfast and a local ride the next day with Steve and Mary.

The next day, during breakfast we suggested a ride through La Cresta and De Luz with a stop by some long time Harley friends, Jim and Leilani, grandparents of J and Peggy’s new baby. We called Jim and Leilani, told them we were out for a ride and wanted to stop by and introduce some other Harley friends, Mary and Steve. On our way, as we were riding through La Cresta we made a wrong turn and found ourselves at the end of a paved road (when you are riding a Harley it doesn’t matter where the road leads as long as you are still riding). We decided take advantage of the opportunity to stop and enjoy the view, when we heard Mary screaming “Stop the bikes, stop the bikes” With her helmet still on and out of breath, she exclaimed “I remember where I know J and Peggy. Peggy is one of Steve’s cousins”. Mary had found Steve and Peggy’s relationship during the genealogy research for Steve’s lost family several years ago. They had met briefly quite a few years ago, but had lost touch and Mary had not been able to relocate Steve’s cousin Peggy. When we arrived at Jim and Leilani’s home, we told Jim and Leilani when we called them earlier that morning that we had thought we were going to introduce some Harley friends, but as it turns out somewhere along the journey to their home we found some family.

I have always enjoyed the Six Degrees of Separation theory and the belief and faith that God has a hand in everything we do. Here it is, proof. Our family, our Harley family continues to grow.

Thursday, July 23, 2009 at 2:32pm

Mary and Diane Ortega Highway

Steve and Mary

Shadow and Steve in Oatman

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