Shannon's Story

 Growing up I have always known that my dad was adopted. Sometimes I would wonder who could be the other half of my family, could it be someone I go to school with, or could they live on the other side of the world, maybe even someone famous! When Search Angels found my father's family it was one of those holy shit moments. By complete luck and what I believe to be fate, my father was united with his brother, sister, and my new cousins. Years have passed now since then and all I can do is be thankful for what Search Angels has done for my family. Not only are they our close friends but they have brought our family closer than we thought possible. Recently my cousin Janae, one of the new cousins, came to our town and spent ten days with us. Although this is not the first time we have met; my dad's side of the family came to visit a few years back for Christmas where we met my cousins, Janae, Jon, Justin, and Jason. I have always kept in contact with my cousins but there is no way to deny that Janae and I have had the strongest relationship out of the bunch. I had suggested to my dad that Janae come stay with us this summer for a week to get to know her better and have some fun before I started college and she started her sophomore year in High School. Next thing I know I am at the air port at 9:30 in the morning picking up Janae and giddy with excitement. Almost immediately we were sharing stories and laughing together just like best friends would do. The whole car ride home my dad sat in silence smiling at what he was experiencing, a relationship that he never thought possible growing. I spent every day for the next ten days getting to know Janae, telling her secrets, and taking her all over our town. We shared many laughs and inside jokes, stayed up late nights talking about life and situations going on in our lives, and most of all seeing how much we were alike. I was able to tell Janae things that I couldn't even tell my best friend. She was always understanding and comforting and that's something I will always be thankful for. Our time winded down together and although she was excited to go home to her friends and family it was a bittersweet moment having to say goodbyes but we look forward to what the future beholds. I can honestly say now that Janae is a close friend to me and I will cherish the memories I made with her this summer and the relationship we have built. I can only hope to get closer to the Justin and Jason like I have with Jon and Janae. Thank you again Search Angels for making the impossible, possible.


Wednesday, August 18, 2009 at 11:07pm

Shannon and Janae

Kristen, Shannon and Janae

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