Sharon & Karen's Story

In July, 2008, German Search Angel, Ilona contacted us to assist her on case. The Youth Welfare Office in Heilbronn, Germany had been contacted by a German man, Andy regarding twin siblings given up for adoption in 1970 in Heilbronn, Germany. The YWO contacted Ilona and provided her with some information regarding the twins with adopted names, Sharon and Karen. They were placed in an orphanage at birth and adopted at the age of 2 ½ by Americans. Ilona was able to find an old posting placed on the internet by the twins in 2006, however the contact information was no longer valid. She also found an old address and phone number for one of the twins which neither of which was currently valid.

We conducted our searches and found preliminary information regarding Karen and Sharon's adopted parents and their deaths. We also found some current information regarding Sharon and her husband in Texas. We conducted additional searches and found a possible phone number. We made calls to this number for a full day with no answer, no recorded message machine or voice mail. Finally in the early evening hours, Sharon answered the phone. She confirmed that she and her twin sister Karen were adopted from Germany. She stated that they don’t normally answer the phone line we had called as it was strictly for their internet, but her husband had heard it ringing on and off during the day and she decided to answer the call as she had an overwhelming sense it was important. She was overwhelmed with emotion and gratitude. The posting on the internet had been done by their adopted aunt with whom she did not have a current relationship and she did not know anything about the status of the posting or that it was still there.

Sharon and her sister Karen, both live in Texas and were so happy to know they were found as they had lost their adoptive parents to death and had no other family. Now they would have a family again. They immediately contacted their brother Andy and their half sister also living in Germany. They learned that their biological mother was also still alive. They made arrangements to travel to Germany the first week of December, 2008 where they met their brother and his family and their sister and her family and their biological mother.

For the twins the reunion provided them with the family they never knew and a chance to fill the void in their lives and hearts that had always been there and had grown even more since the death of their adoptive parents many years ago.

Thursday, September 17, 2009 at 12:46pm

Sharon and Karen

Karen, Gundren, Sharon and Andi

Sharon and Mom
The twins and their German family

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