The Müller Story by "Dee" Marianne Müller

States and they named me Dee. They also adopted another German orphan, a boy 3 years older and they called him Jerome. I grew up not knowing I was adopted, my mother was committed to keeping it a secret. During the summer of 1973, as a young teen, I discovered that Jerome had been born with a heart defect and being pretty naive when it came to medical issues I asked him about his heart condition, was it hereditary or something to I should be concerned about and he told me it would not be a problem because he was adopted; this made me wonder if I was also adopted. I wrote my brother a very short note saying "If you are adopted, then I must be too".

That summer, a longtime family friend came to visit. She had adopted both of her children and that fact had always been well known. My Adoptive Dad was out of town when I learned of my adoption from this family friend, who had known all along. When my Adoptive Dad returned, he told me he had always wanted to tell me but my Adoptive Mother didn’t want him to because she feared I would find my Birth family and move to Germany. I was very angry, not because I was adopted, but because it had been kept a secret. About 3 years later my Adoptive Mother gave me my adoption papers which I read, but never once thought of looking for my Birth Mother or even imagined I would have siblings!! Nothing more was said or done for many years!

The Search Begins~
In 2005, I decided I wanted to chat with someone from my birthplace to learn of the culture, etc. and I found an International Pen Pal website and submitted my information and received a response from a gentleman in the general area of where I was born. I mentioned that I had been adopted by Americans and that is why I no longer lived in Germany. Fate would have it; my pen pal was a Genealogist. He asked me if I was interested in trying to locate my Birth Mother and during my search a German Family Historian was able to tell me that my Birth family did indeed know about me, “the daughter that had been adopted” and he provided me with an address of one of my Birth siblings. I sat and wrote a heartfelt, "Hi it's me, the sister you knew about but, never knew" letter. In early January of 2006, I received a letter from one of my other Birth siblings unfortunately they had absolutely no idea of my existence!! It had been an older sister, that had gone to live with her Birth Father that the Birth family had known about, but with this letter came several pictures of my Birth Mother. The letter also revealed that my Birth Mother had passed on in the mid-80's and that there were seven siblings in Germany.

With the help of my contacts in Germany I was also able to get copies of documents for my Birth Mother. These documents revealed that in the 1950's, Anna Marie Emilie Müller had given birth to four children, relinquishing three children up for adoption. Handwritten on my Birth Mother, Anna’s Birth record were the names of three of the four children born in the 1950’s, the oldest a daughter who lived with her birth father, a son Gerhard Müller born in 1955 and another son, Karl Heinz Müller born in 1957. My name was not referenced in the document which made my search more challenging and when I did make contact with my German siblings it appeared that they had not seen our Mother's Birth Certificate or were hoping to keep the secret of her two sons who had been adopted. In an email to one of my birth sisters, I mentioned the brothers; Gerhard and Karl and she had no idea what I was talking about and she asked me to send her a copy of our Mother's Birth Certificate, which she took to the Registrar's Office to verify. With the help of a German Search Angel, who translated the handwritten portion on my Birth’s Mothers Birth Certificate, I was able to learn that both brothers had also been adopted by American couples and I started to search for the one brother who I was told may be in Massachusetts.

Finding Gerhard Müller, my brother Gary~
While in the middle of my search I received an email from a man in the Army, writing from his Military email account. He asked if I was born Marianne Müller and thought he might have some information of my brother who was adopted. At first, I thought he was in the Service with my brother and maybe my brother had passed away, but one email led to another and I learned the man, who was writing the emails, was my brother, Gary, the oldest of the two brothers. He had been searching German records and someone in the Registrar’s Office notified him that I too had been searching and within a couple of weeks, on July 1st, 2009 Gary who lives in Tennessee came to visit me here in West Virginia. His wife's family lives in a town in Maryland only minutes away from where I had lived for a long time, how close we had lived or been for many years.

Seeking Karl Heinz Müller, my brother, Fred~

While Gary was visiting, we exchanged documents, pictures, thoughts and discussed our other brother and my search for him in Massachusetts. Knowing Fred’s Adoptive Mother’s name was Barbara, I found a connection, after searching many different sites, between Fred, Barbara and a young woman, Sheri, who was about 30 yrs old. My thought was that Sheri HAD to be his daughter and because she was young, she may have a MySpace page. I contacted her through her MySpace page and told her I needed to speak with Fred Cooke, but I wasn't sure if he was the right Fred Cooke. She was quite leery of giving me information, but she did tell me Fred was born in Germany and on that he was born on the date of birth that was on our Mother's Birth Record. Sheri and I wrote back and forth for several days. I could sense her anxiety about who I might be (a stalker or such) and what did I want with Fred. She finally told me that Fred was her Uncle. I had also found that Sheri also had a FACEBOOK page and there I found, one of her Facebook Friends was Fred. Let me tell you how difficult it is to look at a picture of a man you are pretty sure is your brother and not have a way to contact him. I requested Fred to confirm me as a "friend" on FACEBOOK, but received no response. The search continued, still coming up with old addresses and phone numbers that had been disconnected, becoming beyond frustrated, I posted more information to an online German adoption support group ~ GEBORENER_DEUTSCHER@YAHOOG
ROUPS.COM , I had joined long ago. Now I was about to make a cold phone call to a possible sibling, I had a nervous "niece" on my hands and a brother who hadn’t answered my messages. I had no idea if Fred even knew that he was adopted. So, I decided to just sit back and wait for him to respond.

Several days later, out of the blue, but with God's help; I got an email from Diane, a Search Angel in California. She told me she and her husband, Shadow, who was also a German born adoptee, had a ministry, “Helping others find family, friends and loved ones". I told her about my searches, on the internet and with the help of a German Historian and German Search Angel the success of finding my German Birth family and my connection and reunion with my brother Gary. I had come so far in finding so much information through FACEBOOK and other resources about my brother Fred, but I was not able to get a viable phone number or current address! We talked at length and she said she would see what she could do to help me complete my journey. My thought was she can't do anything more than I did and she would only find a disconnected phone number. Whoever is reading this, NEVER underestimate the capabilities and resources of Search Angels! By the following afternoon, my phone rang and on the other end was my brother Fred. I was now complete!

On July 31st, 2009 Fred and my terrific Sister-in-Law, Rose, came to visit from their home in Florida. The first night they were here we met at a restaurant near their hotel. It was getting late and they had just driven up from Florida. Fred and I hugged (OK he says I had a death grip) and cried (OK, I cried but, Fred brought the Tissues and laughed). His words to me as I cried on him "It's over, that chapter is over". I cannot tell you how complete it feels to finally be able to hold my brothers!!

As the song goes - -
I was living for a dream, loving for a moment
Taking on the world, that was just my style
Now I look into your eyes, I can see forever
The search is over, you were with me all the while…..
Every highway’s leading me back to you
Now at last I hold you, now all is said and done
The search has come full circle; our destinies are one…..

I can’t end this without thanking my Adoptive Father from the bottom of my heart! He has been my biggest supporter through my searching! He is as thrilled as I, that I have found my family. He understands what I mean by that! Through all of the searching there has never been a “Father” to search for, no mention on any documents of a “Father”. I didn’t need one to be mentioned, I am deeply devoted to the one I have!! Thank You Dad! I love you!

My brothers, Gary and Fred and I are talking about a possible trip to Germany next year to meet the 7 other siblings…

Monday, October 26, 2009 at 5:24am

The Müller Coat of Arms

Gary and Dee Reunite 2009

Fred and Dee Reunite 2009

Fred and Gary finally get to meet each other on November 13, 2009 while Fred and his wife Rosemary were in Augusta Georgia while attending  the Head of the South Regatta
which his son was rowing in for Jacksonville University. Gary and his wife, Ginny, travelled down from Tennessee for the weekend.

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